Model 4500 Ripper

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The Ripper is designed to help recapture productivity lost to soil compaction with minimal surface soil disturbance. It will fracture and lift the ground to effectively break up the hard pan and reduce soil compaction of clods. This will help reduce run off resulting in retention of expensive chemicals, fertilizer and irreplaceable top soil.

Features & Options

Besler Features:
• 5" x 7" Tool Bar
• The cutting widith of the shank is 1"
• It is capable of going 20" in depth
• Recommended horse power required is 25-35 per shank
• Gauge Wheels are 20.5 x 8 x 10
• 3-Point attachment with Cat. 3 Hitch
• Single Gauge Wheels
• Reversible Shank Protectors
• Shank protectors, points and lift wings are heat treated in a special process that improves the strength and wear properties of the iron.

Besler Options:
• 20" Rigid or Spring loaded coulters
• Off-set shanks for better trash flow
• 3-Point attachment with Cat 4 Hitch
• Spring loaded closing wheels
• Lift Wing
• Tongue and Transport hitch to accommodate pull type applications
• Comes in 3,5,7 or 9 shank options.

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  • Ripper 4500 Owner's Manual Ripper 4500 Owner's Manual (20059 KB)

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